People and Dancefloors podcast. Season 3 Episode 1: Afterparties, in conversation with Lisa Williams and Karenza Moore 

Season 3 of the People and Dancefloors Podcast is here!

Welcome to Season 3 of the People and Dancefloors podcast! Season 3 is a collection of interviews that Alex Frankovitch and Giulia Zampini conduct as part of the People and Dancefloors Radio Show. The show runs monthly, every 3rd Thursday of the month on Netil radio, at 9-11am. On the show, we chat about the many intersections between drug use and club culture with lots of extra special guests. Each month, we tackle a specific theme or aspect of this intersection which we feel deserves more attention and unpacking. So far, we have discussed:


Authenticity in clubs


Sex, drugs and consent

Trans bodies in nightlife spaces


Masculinity in nightlife


And many more juicy subjects to come. 

Recordings of each episode are available via Netil Radio’s Mixcloud stream

We’ve decided to share each interview as a standalone podcast because we have loved doing them and have learnt so much from our conversations. We hope you enjoy them!

Season 3 Episode 1: Afterparties, in conversation with Lisa Williams and Karenza Moore 

We are so excited about our first podcast interview on afterparties, featuring Dr Lisa Williams and Dr Karenza Moore. Lisa is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, who researches patterns of recreational drug use over the life course. Her most recent project visually documents aspects of drug taking through photography, with a particular focus on how people store drugs in the home. Karenza is a Reader in Sociology at Newcastle University. Her research explores recreational drug use in settings like raves, nightclubs, festivals, and afterparties. In the interview, we ask Lisa and Karenza how they define afterparties, what happens at them, and what their functions are. We reflect on the kinds of drugs people tend to use in afterparty settings, and on the difficulties researchers might face in accessing afterparties due to their ‘hidden’ nature. 

Listen to our conversation about afterparties on Spotify here

Listen on YouTube below

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