Narratives of Drug Taking

Based on a participatory action research methodology, People and Dancefloors involves knowledge co-creation with project partners and participants. Led by a team of researchers, the project crosses the boundaries between research, film and activism.

The use of film

The first output of the project is a 25-minute documentary-style film. The result: different people share the narratives of their relationships with dancefloors and drugs through on-camera, face-to-face interviews, and, to include people who were uneasy being on screen, through audio interviews and written contributions.

The project aims to provide a channel to voice peoples’ experiences and spark debate about drug policy through wider engagement events such as screenings and workshops.

The film was first screened at the University of Greenwich in November 2019, and more screenings will follow in 2021. The film was released to the public in October 2020.

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