Since the release of the People and Dancefloors, we have been organising workshops and seminars to engage around the documentary and the issues it raises.

If you wish to organise a screening or a panel discussion around People and Dancefloors, please get in touch!

Film screenings and discussions

University of Manchester, 8th November 2023

University of Malta, 6th October 2023

University of Malta – webinar, 8th January 2021

Liverpool John Moores University – screening and webinar, 2nd November 2020

Liverpool: Liverpool John Moores University – Wednesday 12th February 2020 @ 4pm. 

Canterbury: University of Kent – 27th November 2019

London: University of Greenwich – 22nd November 2019. For photos and feedback, click here.

University of Kent – screening and webinar, 11th November 2020