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The documentary for People and Dancefloors will be released publicly in winter 2020. To arrange a screening or get more information on the project, get in touch!

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer and teasers below.

Despite the social concerns over drug use, some users report having wholly positive experiences of drug use whose lives can be transformed for the good.
If most people drink or take recreational drugs, why are debates so narrow? Shouldn’t the majority get a voice?
Does the debate around drugs restrict us too much – what about people who drink every night?
Does society prevent people from talking about drugs and dancefloors?
Are valid voices excluded from the important debates we need on dance and drug culture?
Teaser from the People and Dancefloors research documentary, on how people can contribute to society.

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An important part of our project is to bring issues to the fore and debate, discuss and exchange knowledge and ideas. We’re happy to launch our new podcasts series where we will do just that! Our first episode looks at the coronarave phenomenon.

Don’t hesitate to share it and comment – and please bear with us as we take our first steps in the wonderful world of podcasting!

In conversation with Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK’s Hannah Head People and Dancefloors

In this episode, Giulia is in conversation with Hannah Head (@_HannaHead_), a PhD student, an activist, and a member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) UK (@ssdpuk). We talk about the values of harm reduction, the role of drugs in young people’s lives, her work with SSDP and the need for universities to drop the ‘just say no’ rhetoric and develop more realistic, responsible and active harm reduction approaches to drug use by students to prevent drug related deaths.
  1. In conversation with Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK’s Hannah Head
  2. Battle of rave
  3. A lockdown summer: What's Covid done to our festivals?
  4. Corona-raves: What are they raging about?