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The documentary for People and Dancefloors was released publicly in November 2020. Since then, we have organised screenings and workshops in the UK and beyond.

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An important part of our project is to bring issues to the fore and debate, discuss and exchange knowledge and ideas. We’re happy to launch our new podcasts series where we will do just that! 

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S01 E13 – Podcast with Earl Grey, producer and DJ People and Dancefloors

In Episode 13, Giulia is in conversation with someone close to her heart – Manchester producer and DJ Earl Grey Giulia and Jim bonded over a shared love of music at Boomtown festival in 2016. When I first met him, I was expecting for him to bring up jungle and amen breaks, but he went on and on about Matthew Herbert <3 In the podcast, Jim talks about his journey into electronic music and his relationship to dancefloors (Shout out to Warp, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Radiohead for making dancefloors accessible to weirdos like us who enjoy superfast mad breaks, but also emotional depth). We discuss the future of clubs and festivals, addressing the debate that’s recently become more forceful about who gets to play and make a living, and who gets excluded. We both agreed that rather than targeting and blaming individuals, we should be looking at structural hurdles, chiefly the government’s utter contempt for night time venues and the culture surrounding them, as well as local councils’ unwillingness to support clubs and music venues, pushed further by Nimbyists and developers. Listen to our chat here Check out Earl Grey on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/earl-grey Instagram @jimearlgrey Twitter @JimEarlGrey
  1. S01 E13 – Podcast with Earl Grey, producer and DJ
  2. S01 E12- In conversation with Rebecca Askew and Melissa Bone
  3. S01 E11 – In conversation with Stuart Taylor
  4. S01 E10 – Research group discussion
  5. S01 E09 – In conversation with Verity Smith

People and Dancefloor teasers

Despite the social concerns over drug use, some users report having wholly positive experiences of drug use whose lives can be transformed for the good.
If most people drink or take recreational drugs, why are debates so narrow? Shouldn’t the majority get a voice?
Does the debate around drugs restrict us too much – what about people who drink every night?
Does society prevent people from talking about drugs and dancefloors?
Are valid voices excluded from the important debates we need on dance and drug culture?
Teaser from the People and Dancefloors research documentary, on how people can contribute to society.