The Team

The project team and network

The People and Dancefloors project was created by Daniel King and Dr Giulia Zampini. The research was designed by Giulia Zampini. The project has recently expanded to welcome Dr Eveleigh Buck-Matthews and Dr Anthony Killick on the research team. 

The website is curated by Lee Salter and Charlotte Sexauer. 

Film team

The film was made by Lee Salter in collaboration with Charlotte Sexauer. The sound was curated by Joseph Ashworth.
The subtitles were put together by Allegra Bell. 

A big thank you to the places and people that welcomed us when we were shooting the film:
On the 5th day

And to those who donated music for the film:
Deleted Scene
Boundry Element
Joseph Ashworth

The participants:
This project would not have been possible without the participants, who chose to share their experiences with us. 

Thank you for your contributions: Dan, Patrick, George, John, Sarah, Russ, Eve, Ashleigh, Carlos, Mark, Lucretia, Lyndsey, Cavan

And to the workshop participants: Elsa, Margit, Trude, Mike, Luke, Katie, Naveed

Website and social media

Lee Salter: Editor
Charlotte Sexauer: Editor and Social Media
Dr Giulia Zampini: Social Media

The project has received funding from the University of Greenwich and the Early Career Research Network, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences.