My first Coronarave: our debut podcast is available now!

“Coronarave”: A word born in our times and current crisis; a new term to define the very specific moment we are living right now. What better than a podcast to talk about it?

On the 22nd of August 2020, a government press release announced that the culture recovery fund saved 135 grassroots music venues. A detailed list of venues and allocated funding was released on the government website. While this was hailed as a victory for the #letusdance movement, on closer inspection, many smaller venues received grants of less than 10,000 pounds.

Also 10,000 pounds was the amount that rave organisers could be fined with under new legislation brought in to discourage illegal raves. Under these new measures, individual punters could also be subject to a fine of up to 100 pounds.

A few weeks have passed since the Home Office announcement, and illegal raves appear to be still going on in spite of the more punitive stance taken by government and the redirection of law enforcement focus towards more active policing of raves. 

An important part of our project is to bring issues to the fore and debate, discuss and exchange knowledge and ideas. We’re happy to launch our new podcast series where we will do just that! Our first episode looks at the coronarave phenomenon.

Don’t hesitate to share it and comment – and please bear with us as we take our first steps in the wonderful world of podcasting!

S01 E06 – In conversation with Mat Southwell People and Dancefloors

In the sixth episode of our podcast series, Anthony and Giulia speak to Mat Southwell, a global advocate on drugs and HIV, technical support consultant and drug user activist. Mat was one of the co-founders of the the European Network of People who use Drugs. Mat was also one of the first people to introduce party harm reduction education through his work with MixMag in the 1990s. Here we discuss this early work, as well as media representations of drug use, the Dance-Drugs Alliance, and the importance of harm reduction as a strategy for drugs policy in the UK.
  1. S01 E06 – In conversation with Mat Southwell
  2. S01 E05 – In conversation with Bristol Drugs Project's Sorcha Ryan
  3. S01 E04 – In conversation with Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK’s Hannah Head
  4. S01 E03 – BBC's Ecstasy: The battle of rave
  5. S01 E02 – A lockdown summer: What's Covid done to our festivals?

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