The long podcast: People and Dancefloors in Malta with Ecodisco

People and Dancefloors Podcast 17th episode is here. Today Giulia is in conversation with the founder of Ecodisco, Hadi Ahmadzadeh, the organisation serving as a consultancy initiative aiming use to use embedded sustainability practices (such as removing single use plastic cups change) to change the fabric of urban nightlife.

As Hadi explains in the podcast, one of the best things about Ecodisco is that it started as a concept party (who says that dancers and party-makers cannot be political?) and in the short space of 2 years, has become an ambitious project with the aim to remove single-use plastics from nightclubs in the UK.

We talk about the project from inception, through its operationalisation to what it has become today, touching upon important subjects such as the relationship between sustainability and design and what sustainability means to him and to Ecodisco. He points to a contradiction that many of us have experienced: between the positivity, pleasure and fun of nightlife, and the consequences of consumption and waste left in its wake.

We talk about drugs, of course, the changing role of drugs in the nightlife context, harm reduction and visions of the future (our favourite podcast subjects!) I got the sense that Hadi, like me, believes harm reduction goes way beyond drugs and can encompass sustainability, consent, physical and mental health as the issues we need to put at the forefront of our minds and conversations when we can leave our houses again.

You can either listen or watch on the links below.

Watch part one of our chat here:

Watch part two of our chat here:

Listen to part one here

Listen to part two here

For more information about Ecodisco, visit their website

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Instagram: ecodisco_

Twitter: @ECODISCO1

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