People and Dancefloors Season 2 episode 2: In conversation with Peter Sarosi

Peter is the director of the Rights Reporter Foundation and editor of Drugreporter. He has been in the drug policy and harm reduction space for many years. His work is truly international and ground-breaking, using film as a tool for activism along with contributing to the drug policy debate in many European and international fora. He is the film maker of harm reduction and drug policy reform par excellence, with a catalogue spanning two decades documenting the movement.

In the podcast, we discuss Peter’s trajectory from young activist to veteran of the movement, reflecting on the positive changes that have happened at the international governmental level, in large part shaped by civil society advocacy. We also discuss the populist backlash in Europe, which has contributed to a significant disinvestment from harm reduction in many member states. Still, there are reasons to be optimistic, as European advocates continue to work together towards meaningful change.

Peter tells us about the exciting programmes offered by the Rights Reporter Foundation, including media training for activists and advocates who want to make a difference in the human rights and drug policy reform spaces. We agree that despite its limitations, film remains a powerful tool for reframing the narrative about drugs.

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